September 12, 2017

Entrepreneur Movement

Entrepreneur Institute Fast Forward 2017 in London. Global Entrepreneurs and Leaders Connecting and Collaborating for the good of all. I am joining the Entrepreneur Movement and launching geniusETC- Genius Entrepreneur Travel Connection ~ A unique Travel on Purpose business that promotes connection, collaboration, education, leadership, travel experiences and making a difference in our world. I have been appointed the Entrepreneur Social City Leader in Lake Tahoe.  
April 11, 2017

Where Do You Live?

This simple question asked of me recently had me wondering… where do I live? My first thought was, where do I call home, which led me to a questionable response, “I’m not sure how to answer because home is many places for me right now.” If I were asked that simple question a couple years ago, it would have been an easy answer, “I live where my daughter and partner are, home is where my heart is.” My daughter is on her own now and my partnership has been altered, so this question had me draw within to discover what the real answer is… today. My
April 11, 2017

Are We Free-Flowing Artists?

The answer is simply, YES! Each and every one of us has a unique talent, heart, mind, and open vessels that allow our creative spirit to flow through and make an offering to the world. This is our life, this is our calling, this is our purpose. Inspiration is everywhere and comes to us when we least expect it. When it does, we must not resist or question the actions that are needed and taken, for this is the free flow path that leads us to our un-lived life that we want and are meant to live. When I feel stuck I search for inspiration. I stay present, curious, and open to
April 11, 2017

Get Reel, Speak Real From the Heart

I research and view many sizzle reels and videos of speakers, it is the tedious part of the work I choose to do for The California Women’s Conference. It is important to me to bring speakers to the conference that will inspire, motivate, educate and bring a fun, positive, fresh spirit to the stage. Researching and finding speakers with relevant topics who can speak from the heart, and have a connection with the audience is not easy to find. I must admit, I often get bored hearing the same thing over and over and if the first 60 seconds does not spark a nerve
April 11, 2017

Back to School, Pull the Weeds

This is the season where ‘back to school’ signs can be seen everywhere, reminding us that it is time to prepare. Parents are out searching for just the right school supplies, clothes, back packs, stocking lunch and snack items and scheduling carpools. These days and rituals become a big part of our lives as we provide and take care of our children’s needs and growth. My daughter is going back to her third year of college and that back to school sign has a whole new meaning for me. It is my time to go back to school. It seemed just like yesterday, but it was 21 years ago when
April 11, 2017

Are You Living With Passion and Brilliance?

Years ago, following a suggestion from a best-selling author changed my life. I had been writing human interest stories for media and had a desire to write a non-fiction book, so I enrolled in Maui Writers Conference Retreat in Hawaii. All the non-fiction workshops were full, so I landed in a fiction-writing workshop with Elizabeth George. I felt very intimidated surrounded with so many talented fictional writers. I worked hard all week because Ms. George had high expectations of everyone, every day… it was a tough class, but I persevered. After a week of
March 21, 2017

Game of Leukemia Fight

GOLF may be just a game for many, but for Jarrod Lyle it means much more. Whether we wear pink, yellow or any color, no matter
March 21, 2017

Look For The Good

Our resilience to tragedy is never realized until we are faced with it. When the reflection of what we know or how it is becomes distorted,[…]
March 21, 2017

The Heart Behind the Badge

On May 14th the Special Olympics Flame of Hope for the Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015, was lit during a formal torch […]